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Orkhan Gambarov

 Gambarov Orkhan Hikmat was born in 1982 in Baku. In 1998-2002 he studied at the Azerbaijan Technical University. He is a skilled communicator. Currently works as an IT specialist in one of the private companies. Since 2012 he is a member of Miras PU. From the moment of his / her membership, he / she shall be elected by active participation in the event, event and meeting held by the association.

Meeting in Talystan Castle (2012), Meeting at the Palace of Shirvanshahs (2012) PU birthday celebration (2013) Meeting at the Republican Visually Impaired Library on the occasion of "February 2 Youth Day" (2013) on "Our Folklore and Gobustan" Cultural Heritage Seminar (2013) MIRAS Public Union for Supporting the Study of Cultural Heritage and Beylagan Youth Education and Social Development Public Union "Medieval City Culture and Beylagan" Seminar (2013) Opening of a Paintings Exhibition on "Modern Manifestations of Molla Nasreddin's Legacy" , "Workshop on the Protection and Promotion of Historical and Cultural Monuments in Azerbaijan: Monitoring the Current Situation and Future Tasks" (2013), which covers various sections of the public in Ganja, "Seyid Yahya Shirvan's Turkish World and "Clean Village - Protection and Sustainable Development of Ecological and Ethnographic Identity with the Participation of Local Communities" in the "Goodwill Reader" (2014), "Goodwill Readers" (2014), in the seminars in Lankaran and Astara (2013), internet portal presentation (2014) Workshop on the World Archeology Day (2014) will be held at the Symposium II of Hamza Nigari (2014) in the series of events, introducing the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and Macedonia in Agsu (2014)
I participated in the First International Folklore Festival (2015).
In addition, the I International Forum on Cultural Heritage and Tourism (2015) is held in the framework of the "Who, Where, How" intellectual competition (2015), dedicated to the World Archaeological Day in Agsu (2015), "Inclusive tourism perspectives of archeological monuments and support for rehabilitation of disabled people" At the final meeting of the project (2015), "Archeological monuments inclusive tourism perspectives and support for rehabilitation of disabled people" (2015)
 During the seminar at the memorial museum of Mammad Said Ordubadi on the topic "Publicizing of the Cultural Heritage" (2015), the II International Forum on the Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Youth (2016)
The II International Festival of Harmony has closely participated in the Chiragqala and Damcıli flights (2017) at the opening of the Miras Café (2017) at the final meeting (2016) within the framework of the project "Role of Women in the Development of Rural Life Style" (2016) within the Organizing Group (2016).
During the elections in 2017, he was elected as a member of the Management Board and appointed to the post of Deputy Chairman.
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