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MIRAS Statement

Dear Friends!
Today there exist a lot of local and foreign mass media dealing with the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.
First, occupation of larger part of the Azerbaijan area by Armenia was verified by UN, OSCE and many other international organizations.
The second, Azerbaijan demonstrated tolerance for 22 years for permanent peace keeping and continues tolerance so far.
Third, Armenia carries out armed sabotage regularly against Azerbaijan with influence of other foreign forces; violates ceasefire which had to lead to peaceful negotiations and soldiers and local settlers are killed.
The fourth, such sabotage happened on 2nd April, houses ruined and residents slain.
The fifth, Azerbaijan army to restore territorial integrity, sovereign right of every country, has obliged to resist such kind of sabotage and to get back the invaded territories.
Dear friends! Azerbaijan has no land claims of any country, Azerbaijan will not stay still for occupation of own territories, cleanse territories from the invaders.
We thank you for your understanding and support.
Let Justice Win.

Oxunub : 1356