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Seminar “What Involvement of Students To Archaeological Excavations Promises” Held in Khazar University

On 28th November, 2015 the seminar on “What involvement of students to archaeological excavations promises” was held in Khazar University. The seminar organizers were History Department of Khazar University and MIRAS Social Organization. The teachers and students of the University, as well as MIRAS members attended the seminar.
Professor Roza Arazova, the head of History Department of the University opened the seminar and dealt with the University’s collaboration with the MIRAS Organization, seminar and conferences held in the University, students’ joining the expedition and camps. She added that she wishes rather more students will join Agsu Archaeology Expedition.
Chairman of MIRAS Organization, PhD Fariz Khalilli spoke about archaeological explorations in Medieval Agsu Town, restoration and conservation work, archaeological tourism and the students’ participation at archaeological excavations. Later he dealt with archeological research in Mehravan Castle where students of Khazar University also took part and Caucasus Albanian urban culture. He underscored the importance of the students’ joining the excavations, increase in them the feelings of patriotism and legacy and training of qualified cadres for future. He called on the students to be active and take part at the archaeological excavations.
Member of MIRAS Organization, Professor Kubra Aliyeva talked about Armenians’ care about history and archaeology referring to some examples and called on the youth to increase their knowledge and mature as qualified cadres in this field.
The member of Agsu Archaeological Expedition, Elmira Abbasova stated her experience on difficulty on women working in the field work and shortage of attention towards this field. She also touched upon however, women’s gaining achievements in the field of archaeology abroad and particularly, Europe and women’s working in different parts of the world.
The students of the Khazar University, Vusal Hasanov and Babir Madatov attended the Mehravan achaeological excavations shared the things they observed during the explorations, the gained experienced and daily activities.
The students of Khazar University who also attended II YOCOCU Agsu course-Vahid Hasanov, Vajah Shukurova and Sanan Gurbanov shared the experience with youth they learned at the course and restoration methods with nanomaterials, metal items conservations and SWOT analyses of cultural heritage projects.
The books of MIRAS Social Organization were presented as a gift to the library of Khazar Unviersity.

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