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Scientific Studies Conference in Ismayilly

Ismayılly region was created as an administrative unit on 24th November, 1931. This region has been acting in social and economic life of the country for 85 years and known for people recognized in science, literature, culture, art and education. The schedule of events was elaborated in conformity with celebration of this day and different events both for content and forms provided.
Scientific conference co-organized with Ismayilly region Executive Power and State Humanitarian and Technology College is more notable among these events.
Plenary of the conference started on 20th May in Gala Palace. The event was opened by temporary director of the College, PhD of philology Sevda Gasimova. The chief of the regional Executive Power, honoured figure of science Mirdamad Sadigov made a report on “Ismayilli for 85 years of existence”. The report dealt with the visits of nationwide leader Haydar ALiyev and President Ilham Aliyev to Ismayilly which are considered the most significant stages in the region’s political history. The region population are known for their diligence, bound to to national-moral values, patriotism, loyalty to state policy and worthy activity. Every personality served for the development of the region is recognized among the population on the occasion of the region’s 85 year anniversary. The book dedicated to the region’s 85-year anniversary will be soon published. The youth are regularly taken to the region’s historical places and ancient houses and taught history.
Dr. of History, deputy director of Azerbaijan Television and Radio Council, experienced researcher of Girdiman State, professor Gafar Jabiyev appreciated objectively contemporary history and near past of Ismayilly. He commented on historical processes taken place in the area of Ismayilly. In his speech the foundation of modern Ismayilly was rather imagined.

Deputy director of ANAS Institute of Architecture and Art, Professor Kubra Aliyeva; deputy director of ANAS National Museum of History of Azerbaijan over exposition matters, PhD of history Habiba Aliyeva; chief of Public Sciences Department of Azerbaijan Technical University, professor Shikar Gasimov; Honoured figure of art, poet Baba Vaziroghlu, chairman of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage , PhD on History Fariz Khalilli, the employee of Education Fund Haji Narimanoghlu, journalist Intigam Mehdizada, veteran journalist Valeh Salehov and others took part at the conference. The speaker dealing with various historical pages in Ismayilliy’s 85-year history paid special attention to its modern history. There was noted that, thanks to the care of President Mr. Ilham Aliyev modern youth will live happy in Azerbaijan.
After the plenary the conference continued in three theme sessions: “economy, economy and tourism”, “culture and philology”, “history ethnography, sociology and religion”. The conference hall of cultural centre, the college hall and history and local lore museum hosted the conference.
The conference followed in the hall of Cultural Centre. The moderators made a report on the session results.
Afterwards, the concert program arranged by Culture and Tourism Department of the region was performed.

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