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IX International Symposium of Turkic Culture, Art and Protection of Cultural Heritage/Art Activity Held in Italy

On 8-9 September, 2015 IX. International Symposium of Turkic Culture, Art and Protection of Cultural Heritage/Art Activity was co-organized by Selçuk University of Turkey, MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, Azerbaijan and the University of Verona in the city of Verona.
More than 70 scholars made presentations and 60 people had posters from Italy, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia at the symposium. More than 30 scientists from institutions of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Institute of Architecture and Constuction, Baku Music Academy named after U. Hajibeyli and others took part at the event.
The people killed for last days asa result of terrorist acts in Turkey were commemorated with one-minute silence in the Verona University, in the opening. Later on co-chairmen of the organization committee of the symposium, Professor Luigi Scrinzi, assistant professor Osman Kunduracı, PhD Fariz Khalilli, the chief of Verona University Thesis Department, Professor Gian Paolo Romagnani and member of Konya Municipality Mustafa Uzbash welcomed the participants. The secretary of the organization committee Ahmet Aytaç gave information on the symposium preparations and the done work.
In the plenary of the symposium Professor of the Verona University, Simonetta Ponchia made a speech on ""Routes through the mountains: commercial and military itineraries between the Kingdom of Urartu and the Syro-Mesopotamian regions in the 9th-7th centuries BC", leading scientific worker of ANAS Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography Professor Gafar Jabiyev "archaeological exlorations in early medieval Mehravan city”, chairman of Turkish Handicraft Research and Application Center of Selçuk University of Turkey, assistant professor Osman Kunduracı "restoration of Afyonkarahisar Şuhut Ancient Mosque", researcher Ahmet Aytaç "wall carpets in Bekir Yaman collection", professor Luigi Scrinzi "Woven cultures", president of International YOCOCU Association Andrea Macchia "YOCOCU and Turkic World", Asnaya Shukurova, the representative of Minsitry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan made a speech on "State care to cultural heritage in Azerbaijan”.
The symposium continued in different sessions. The presentations on the fields of science including history, archaeology, ethnography, achitecture, tourism, folklore, music, literature and others were made there.
The participants will visit historical and achitectural monuments of Italy in cities like Verona, Sirmione, Venice, Bologna and Milan for 3 days since 10 September.


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