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Seminar on Socialization of Cultural Heritage Held

On 12th November, 2015 a seminar on “Cultural Heritage Socialization” dedicated to National Constitution Day was co-arranged in Mammad Said Ordubadi’s Memorial Museum jointly by MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage and the museum. The staff of M.S. Ordubadi Museum, Bulbul Memorial Museum and Free Trade Union Republican Committee of the Azerbaijan Employees of Culture (FTUAEC), members of MIRAS Organization and media representatives participated at the event.
The director of the museum, Lala Abas-zade welcomed the guests. She appreciated highly the collaboration of the museum with MIRAS Social Organziation and stated her hope for success of collaboration protocol.
Scientfic employee of the museum Irada Valiyeva gave wide information on life and activity of outstanding public figure and writer Mammad Said Ordubadi and dealt with greater work done by him for more than half century in the development of our people’s liberty, stability, progress and literature. The writer was known as novator novelist in our literature with his “Misty Tabriz” work. He encouraged the Azerbaijani people to patriotism and victory in his creative work. Ordubadi was obliged to change living place because of persecution and most part of his works lost because of arrests and exile.
Later on chairman of MIRAS Organization, PhD Fariz Khalilli expressed his gratitude to the museum administration for consent on the arrangement of this event in such an important day and gave short information on the organization activity and delivered a speech on socializaion of cultural heritage. He draw attention to the issue of cultural heritage socialization for the purpose of its study, development and protection. He thereby noted the education, proper comprehension of cultural heritage conception, the ways of promotion, etc. in this field. Fariz Khalilli proposed the museum staff to arrange “Bloody Years of Our History” mobile photo exhibition on the basis of motifs of M.S.Ordubadi’s “Bloody years” work.
Professor Kubra Aliyeva, Afsana Aliyeva, Orkhan Gambarov and Ughur Giyasi shared their memories and that of close people of theirs on Ordubadi and expressed views of youth towards cultural heritage.
There was signed a collaboration protocol between MIRAS Organization and M.S.Ordubadi Museum.
The participants and the museum’s fund were presented gifts of MIRAS Organization. The participants got acquainted both with M.S.Ordubadi Museum and Bulbul Memorial Museum exposition.


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