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Osman Gazi Kandemir’s Novel Presented in Baku

On 17th November, 2015 “Carnation” (“Qərənfil”) novel of Osman Gazi Kandemir was presented and signed at bookshop. The novel was the author’s first work and covers the events occured in Azerbaijan in Garabagh war. The novel’s plot line is also love between Seyfi fought in Garabagh war and the girl Reyhan from Nakhchivan. In the end of the novel Seyfi is slain.
The novel published in 2013 in Ankara was translated to Azerbaijani language by Minekhanim Nuriyeva-Tekleli. The book is printed by the support of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage in the printing house “Science and Education”.
The chairman of MIRAS Social Organization, PhD Fariz Khalilli opened the event with introductory remark. He congratulated the guests on the occasion of 17 November National Revival Day and underscored the importance of this day in our people’s struggle against independence and liberty. He appreciated the retired general and writer Osman Gazi Kandemir’s career of novelist with the work dealing with Garabagh war and fighters.
The author Osman Gazi Kandemir spoke about the history of "Carnation" novel, his visiting Azerbaijan for education and teaching while being military and the leading character of the novel Seyfi’s personality. He noted urgency of provision of national unity and equality for Azerbaijan and Turkey and being strong and wished Garabagh’s setting free from occupation sooner.
Professor Minekhanim Nuriyeva-Tekleli spoke about Seyfi’s wide spirit world, his presenting alike personality of Nuri pasha and reminded the characters of Garabagh war and their difficulties. She also said that the author’s feeling close to the happenings is notable. The military historian Mehman Suleymanov stated that the author is aware of not only Garabagh war, but also Caucasus Islamic Army and described the events of both periods artistically.
Writer Elkhan Najafov thanked to the author for writing such a novel on behalf of Azerbaijani literary critics. He added that the author’s being a militant makes the novel more valuable. Professor Kubra Aliyeva spoke about her Shusha memories. He said that such novels and works cause the people’s refreshing memories of theirs. The poetess Fargana Mehdiyeva sounded the poem on longing for the homeland.
The author was given the presents by MIRAS Social Organization, Caucasus Research Institute and National Museum of History of Azerbaijan.
The event was concluded with Osman Gazi Kandemir’s signing his books for readers.

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