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Seminar on “Garabagh and Our Cultural Heritage” held in Humanitarian Gymnasium named after Seyidjafar Pishavari

On 16th December, 2015 a seminar entitled “Garabagh and our cultural heritage” was held in Humanitarian Gymnasium named after Seyidjafar Pishavari by MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage. The teachers and pupils of the gymnasium participated at the event.
The deputy director of the gymnasium, Jamila Allahverdiyeva opened the seminar and dealt shortly with the work done in the line of study, protection and promotion of MIRAS Organization. She spoke about archaeological explorations conducted in Medieval Agsu Town.
Later on “Khojaly time” film dealing with the cultural heritage of Garabagh, Khojaly was shown.
PhD Fariz Khalilli spoke about Garabagh’s material cultural heritage from Azikh up to Shusha. Noting Garabag’s being a Turkic land, said numerous tribes and peoples whose traces remained in history only over material cultural monuments settled in this land. Many material and cultural traces exist in the region relating Kimmers, Saxons, Albanians and Khazars. Turkic tribes (Ohugz, Seljuks, Atabegs, Hulakyds, Jalairyds, Teymurids, Garagoyunlus, Aggoyunlus, Gizilbashs, shahsevens) resided there since the region is suitable for winter and summer pastures. The Armenians’ coming to this region took place after 1828 Turkmenchay treaty signed between Tsar Russia and Gajar’s Iran. The treaty has provisions about this issue. Armenians celebrated the 150-year anniversary of their coming to Garabagh in 1978 pompously.
Fariz Khalilli calling upon the schoolchildren to learn the history of Azerbaijan well, must study in particular Garabagh history and culture, and spread among their friends. The seminar continued with discussions.
The books of MIRAS Organization were presented to the gymnasium library.

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