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“The Role Of Music and Folklore Traditions In Recognition of Cultural Heritage” Seminar Held in Bulbul Memorial Museum

On 17th December, 2015 a seminar entitled “The Role of Music and Folklore Traditions in Recognition Of Cultural Heritage” was held in Bulbul Memorial Museum jointly by the Museum and MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage. The staff of Bulbul Memorial Museum, Mammad Said Ordubadi House Museum and ANAS Institute of Folklore, members of MIRAS Social Organization and mass media took part at the event.
The seminar was opened by the museum director Fargana Jabbarova. She noted that, Memorial Museum of Bulbul, who was the founder of professional vocal art, USSR people’s singer, Stalin award laureate, public figure and Professor was created in 1976 in initiative of the secretary of Azerbaijan CP CC Haydar Aliyev. She said that, in the museum nearly 9000 documents and materials on detailed and various creativity in all music art fields of Bulbul in Azerbaijan, as well as creative, scientific-research, pedagogical and public activity of Bulbul exist. There was dealt with life and creative activity, his collecting folklore samples, creating research centre by well-known performer and wise expert of music art, Bulbul. Fargana Jabbarova said that they appreciate the acivities of MIRAS in the line of study, protection and promotion of cultural heritage.
Afterwards, interesting songs by Bulbul in Koroglu opera were sounded.
Chairman of MIRAS Organization, PhD Fariz Khalilli stated musical heritage of Azerbaijani people was studied one time and scientific bases prepared and rather much work done on international level lately over the development of mugham and ashig art. Moreover, he noted there still many things to be learnt, in particular, in Sufic music and dance field, the gap’s inavailablity with the study of local traditions. As MIRAS Organization we, holding II Tarakama Charshanba Folklore Festival hope that, we did many things in the study of local traditions, music, dance, art fields and think we have wide opporunities. He said that, Bulbul Research Centre to act inside the museum would be a perfect step in continuing Bulbul traditions and style in the field of music and folklore researches.
Scientific worker of ANAS Institute of Folklore and PhD on philology Elchin Galiboghlu said that, Murtuza Mammadov – Bulbul was wise person who set up classic music with traditional music and having Azerbaijani musical spirit. He also drew attention to specific features of Ali Karimov, balaban performer within folklore researches.
Scientific worker of ANAS Institute of Folklore and PhD on philology Shakir Albaliyev spoke about Bulbul heritage and appreciated highly the museum’s activity in this field. The exhibits gathered in this museum showed this heritage clearly.
The members of MIRAS Music Group led by Kamancha master Jahandar Mikayilov sang songs from Bulbul repertoire, “Gara teller” and “ Kuchelere su sepmishem”. Jahandar Mikayilov known for his innovations used electronic kamancha made up by Turkish kaman performer Hasan Yavshanli.
Finally Fariz Khalilli dealing with the projects supported by Council on State Support to NGOs under the auspices of the President of the Republic, called on all people to own our heritage, make steps with this aim and take meeasures. In the event “Akhtachi land-Tarakama Charshanba” documentary produced by MIRAS.
Contract of collaboration was signed between MIRAS Social Organization and Bulbul Museum in the end. The museum administration presented to the library of MIRAS Organization the books on Bulbul creativity. Fariz Khalilli presented the books of MIRAS Organization to the museum. The event ended after the acquaintance with the museum.

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