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MIRAS Gave a Report

Board of directors of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage held its next general meeting. The chairman of the Board, Fariz Khalilli, the members of the board and the members of Monitoring Commiittee took part at the meeting. Тhe activities included into the 2016 work plan were discussed and the proposals heard. This meeting had a reporting format numbering the projects and events arranged by MIRAS Organization in 2015. The events include:
10 January-MIRAS 5-year jubilee party
17-18 January- 3rd International Conference “Ohrid-Vodici, 2015” in Ohrid, Macedonia on 17-18 January 2015 “Rethinking the Framework of Interdisciplinary cooperation between Cultural Heritage, Local Economic Development, Tourism and Media” with Institute for Socio-Cultural Anthropology of Macedonia, Skopje ;University for Audio- Visual Arts “ESRA” - Skopje, Paris, New York, Centre for Scientific Research and Promotion of Culture “HAEMUS”, Skopje, Macedonia
20 January- event on commemoration of 20 January tragedy in Jupa Municipality;
22 January- Chairman of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, PhD Fariz Khalilli was rewarded Honourary Degree for the successul implementation of project ‘“Clean Village-Protection of Ecological and Ethnographic Identity with Participation of Local Communes and Sustainable Development” in March-August, 2014
1-2 February, 2015-1st International Youth Forum of Cultural Heritage and Tourism with slogan “Explore, Protect and Promote!”;
2 February-maintenance of collaboration between Calabria University of Italy, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts and Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (ANAS) and ANAS Institute of Architecture and Arts;
Publication of the book of proceedings of 4th International Congress of Eurasian Archaeology (1-5 October, 2012, Agsu, Azerbaijan);
12 February- participation at Middle East Tourism Fair arranged in Gaziantep city of Turkey by Demar International Fair Company;
16th February- a seminar “Why Khojaly?” in Samsun City of Turkey with Turkish Society, Azerbaijani Turks Culture, Art and Solidarity Association of Amasia, Balkans-Rumeli Turks Confederation;
19 February-participation at 2nd International Scientific Practical Conference “Cultural Heritage and Innovative Technologies in Tourism” held in Tbilisi city of Georgia by Georgia for Friends International Association, Tourism Geo-Information Centre and Golden Travel Georgia;
24 February-arrangement of a spectacle “Martyrs don’t need shroud” performed by the pupils of secondary school No. 51 at the school;
26 February- arrangement of a spectacle “Martyrs don’t need shroud” performed by the pupils of secondary school No. 51 in Agsu Cultural Palace;
March-November-the activity of Agsu Archaeological Expedition (explorations in Bayimli, Mehavan; conservation and restoration of the finds from Agsu);
2 March- a scientific-practical conference on cultural heritage and archaeological tourism with Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan and with support of Student and Youth Organization of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in the University;
10 March-“cultural heritage and archaeological tourism” scientific-practical conference with support of Student and Youth Organization of Khazar University;
16-18 March 1st International Tarakama Charshanba Folklore Festival in Gagali Village of Agsu region with support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan and ANAS Institute of Folklore;
1-2 April “1st International Symposium on Genocides of History: Facts, Realities, Falsifications”;
11-16 April realization of the project “Higher education and promotion of personal development. Learn from each other's experiences” with Belgium Turkish Associations Union ERASMUS+ exchange program;
23-27 April - International Culture, Art and Folklore Congress/ Art Exhibition in Rostov-on-Don city of Russia with Southern Federal University (Russia), Selcuk University (Turkey);
3 May- conduct of tree-planting campaign “Mulberry trees Our Heritage” in defense stripe of Medieval Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex near Ulguj Village of Agsu Region; 14-16 May- IV. International Turkic Art, History And Folklore Congress / Art Activities with Turkish Handicraft Research and Application Center of Selçuk University of Turkey and International YOCOCU Association, Italy and Konya Municipality in Konya;
28 May- “Online training Center” Cultural Heritage Management Project submitted to Creative Europe’s call: Reflective Societies: Cultural Heritage and European Identities
30 May- presentation ceremony of “Book of Success” compiled by Jafar Mansimi, representative of MIRAS in North Cyprus Republic of Turkey in International Press Center;
27 June- signing ceremony of "Yazılan Qalacaq" book by honoured journalist of the republic of Azerbaijan, doctor of historical sciences, Professor Gafar Jabiyev at book-store;
5th July and 17th October- an intellectual game “The Five Minds” in the initiative of the young MIRAS member, Fidan Mammadova;
In July surveys in Agsu, Shamakhi and Ismayilli regions and in August the trainings in the mentioned regions within the project “Tourism perspectives of archaeological monuments and support to disabled rehabilitation”;
24 July-“Archaeology Festival” on occasion of Day of Archaeology in Medieval Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex;
2-5 September- participation at XXI annual meeting of European Association of Archaeologists in Glasgow city of UK with presentation on “Researches in Azerbaijan: the Medieval Ceramics of Agsu” in the session Interpreting the Archaeological Record: Material studies;
8-9 September-IX. International Symposium of Turkic Culture, Art and Protection of Cultural Heritage/Art Activity with Selçuk University of Turkey and the University of Verona in the city of Verona;
15 October- a presentation of final report on inclusive tour and project outcomes offered within the project, Book of Results, Proposals and Recommendations of the project “Tourism perspectives of archaeological monuments and support to disabled rehabilitation” at Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art;
19-25 October- II International YOCOCU School for students and young professionals on Conservation, Restoration and Management of Archaeological Sites with International YOCOCU Association;
5th November presentation of Professor Gajar Jabiyev’s book: “Girdiman. Hstory and Historical Geography” in book shop;
7 November-general meeting and elections for Board of MIRAS;
12 November- a seminar on “Cultural Heritage Socialization” dedicated to National Constitution Day in Mammad Said Ordubadi’s Memorial Museum;
17 November-presentation of Carnation book by Osman Kazi Kandemir published by MIRAS Organization in book shop;
26 November- discussions on subject “The role of Islamic history and culture in Azerbaijani-Egyptian relations" at Egyptian Cultural Center of embassy of Egypt to Azerbaijan;
28 November- seminar on “What involvement of students to archaeological excavations promises” in Khazar University with History Department of the University;
7 December-application to study tour to Poland within EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Partnership Program;
11 December- the seminar on “Management of archaeological monuments” in Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts;
16 December- a seminar entitled “Garabagh and our cultural heritage” was held in Humanitarian Gymnasium named after Seyidjafar Pishavari ;
17 December- a seminar entitled “The Role of Music and Folklore Traditions in Recognition Of Cultural Heritage” was held in Bulbul Memorial Museum jointly by the Museum.
The projects submitted to the competition “Creative Ideas” announced by MIRAS Social Organization were considered. The Board members voted for the participants and Gulshan Huseynova (International Cultural Heritage Academy), Lala Misirkhanova (unique cultural heritage book for secondary schools) and Mehbara Abbasova (colourful yards) were the winners in consequence. In the end, 2015 year report and 2016 year’s work plan were confirmed by the Board members.

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