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Local Residential Meeting Held in Gagali Village of Agsu Region

On 26th December 2015 presentation ceremony of “rich Albanian cultural heritage in Agsu-Nargizava” book, the opening of Doctor Fazil Jalilov Cultural House in Gagali, I Tarakama Charshanba Folklore Festival photo-exhibition and Gagali residential meeting of art work of Gagali Women Club were held in Gagali Village of Agsu region.
Gagali Village of Agsu region was created as a result of residence of Akhtachi hamlet, one of tarakama abodes of Azerbaijan. Nargizava antique cemetery used since 5th century B.C. is located under the village estates. Wide information was given on the conducted explorations in the book “rich Albanian cultural heritage in Agsu-Nargizava” the first book from the series of "Khamsa - Nargizava, Mehravan, Shikhmazid, Agsu, Khanchoban" of archaeologist and PhD Fariz Khalilli displaying Nargizava Monument where archaeological explorations carried out since 1997. The book was published with the decision of Scientific Council of ANAS Institute of Architecture and Art. The editor of the book is Professor Kubra Aliyeva, reviewers- Professor Gafar Jabiyev and Professor Shikar Gasimov. Photos and pictures in the book describing rich artifacts are very interesting.
The house of Fazil Jalilov worked as a doctor for more than 50 years in Gagali Village was chosen for arrangement of events, festivals, exhibitions, and trainings. On 7th November, 2015 that house was appointed as legal address of the MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage due to the decision of the general assembly of the organization. It is intended to organize events and projects of MIRAS Organization in this building known in the community as Dr. Fazil Jalilov Cultural House. The medical tools, documents, books used by F. Jalilov for 50 years are demonstrated in the show-case of the house.
The exhibition of the photos taken by Turkish, Georgian and Azerbaijani photographers during 1st International Tarakama Charshanba festival held in Gagali Village of Agsu on 16-18th March 2015 was shown in different parts of the world for many times. The photos shown in Izmir, Konya, Tbilisi and Agsu were presented for Gagali visitors. On 14-16th March, 2016 II International Tarakama Charshanba Festival will be arranged.
It is two months that Gagali Women Club functions in Gagali. They primarily installed two machines to weave traditional palaz (rug) and prepared palaz written over “Agsu” and “Gagali” words as a gift. Anvar Seyidaliyev , the head of Agsu region Executive Power gave his blessings for the done work and cut the rug throne adding that they would support duly the preservation of these traditions of our people. The hand works of masters of the palaz, Simuzar Khalilova, Tahira Mehdiyeva, Tamara Mehdiyeva and Antiga Hasanova were shown and sold in the fair held in the cultural house.

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