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MIRAS Launched “Meetings of Medieval Agsu Castle”

On 23 March, 2016 a meeting of Agsu intellectual community was held with known writer Shamil Sadig in Medieval Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex. The writer first got familiarized with the archaeological explorations, conservation and restoration work conducted in Medieval Agsu Town. Later on, there was held a meeting with the principal of Agsu town secondary school, as well as Gagali and Bijo villages’ school principals and staff of Agsu History and Local Lore Museum. The chairman of MIRAS Social Organization, Fariz Khalilli gave information about the biography of the writer telling about “Hadaf” training courses and ‘’ book shop and his novels, poems and stories. Shamil Sadig also dealt with his scientific, pedagogical and literary activities and presented his books as gifts to the participants of the meeting. Bijo school principal Yashar Garayev, the principal of Gagali general secondary village Sabit Abdullayev, also the director of Agsu History and Local Lore Museum, Sevda Damirova, teacher of history Musa Musayev, teacher of literature Taget Karimov and others talked about the literary and pedagogical environment of the region and wished frequent meetings of this kind.
It is planned to arrange “meetings of Medieval Agsu Castle” in the complex which will involve Agsu people and Azerbaijani famous people. The meeting with the writer Shamil Sadig was the first meeting of this kind.

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