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Presentation and Signing Ceremony of “Rich Albanian Heritage in Agsu-Nargizava” Held

On 27th March, 2016 presentation and signing of “Rich Albanian Heritage in Agsu-Nargizava” by PhD Fariz Khalilli was held in book market. The book was published in “Science and Education” printing house with the decision of ANAS Institute of Architecture and Art. The scientific editor of the book is Professor Kubra Aliyeva, reviewers are professor Gafar Jabiyev and professor Shikar Gasimov.
Chairman of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, PhD Fariz Khalilli gave short information about the book in the opening. He noted that the book is the first book from the series of “Khamsa- Nargizava, Mehravan, Shikhmazid, Agsu, Khanchoban". Nargizava is one of our monuments, which provides distinct and rich material to study antique and early medieval age history and culture of Azerbaijan. Nargizava was unknown to the community and less studied. He noted that, Nargizava graveyard can be compared only with Khojaly kurgan field. Metal ware and grave ceramics found from there are new in Azerbaijani archaeology. Nargizava people liked horse riding very much and numerous horse, two-head horses, horse-man figures, horse burial show that this people mainly had half-nomad life and the area was used a summer-pasture. It is interesting that, Gagali village where Nargizava monument is situated is linked to Akhtachi abode and involved horses. Undoubtedly, Nargizava explorations will be one of main references in Azerbaijani ethno-archaeology. Fariz Khalilli underscored the work of associate member of ANAS, his teacher Vali Aliyev in reveal of the Nargizava Monument. He said though those built Oguz-Gabala-Baku water pipe destroyed this monument this could not prevent it’s recognition. ANAS Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography conducted archaeological expedition in 2008-2010 and partial impression was made on the monument. However, the work remained incomplete and the monument needs to be complexly studied. Furthermore, this book is Nargizava message sent to the society by collecting the done work till nowadays. Fariz Khalilli thanked to book market, especially writer Shamil Sadig for support in MIRAS publications. Fariz Khalilli said that, the revenue from the book sale will be spent to the campaign “Let’s build a new world with Kanan Mehdiyev” and transferred to Khojaly resident Nizami Mehdiyev’s bank account.
Science editor of the book, Professor Kubra Aliyeva gave information on scientific value and novelty of the work adding that the Nargizava monument’s richness can provide new materials for Albanian-Lowland history. The reviewer of the book, Professor Shikar Gasimov said the researches carried out in Nargizava Monument and those will be done will bring novelties to Azerbaijani science of history on the background of the author’s work and the conducted research. He wished the research to be ongoing. Professor Vugar Mikayilov, who is native of Gagali Village of Agsu region, Nargizava monument is situated called Nargizava Monument’s archaeologically study and books dedication an important event. He expressed his hope for complex study of historical ruins under Gagali village houses and graves in the future.
Later the director of New Gallery Baku Art Centre, Rafael Gumammadli, the student of Sabah groups Fuzuli Mehrabzade, the members of Khojaly Genocide Recognition Public Union and others shared their views and thoughts on archaeology, Caucasus Albania, preservation of Khojaly material and cultural heritage.

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