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MIRAS Conference in Moldova

On 13-16 April 2016 V. International Turkic Art, History And Folklore Congress / Art Activities was co-organized in Comrat State University of Moldova by the latter, International YOCOCU Association, Germany Turkish Institute of World, MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage and Selcuk State University.
Secretary General of the conference, representative of MIRAS Organization in Turkey, Ahmet Aytaç gave information on 300 000 Gagauz people in the world and stressed that the factor of “language” is very important in the nation’s preserving ethnical identity. The conference chair Prof. Dr. Necati Demir said that Gagauz Turkcs are grandchildren of Sari Saltuk Gazi. He spoke also about the conference significance. Prof. Dr. Abbas Seyidov in his opening speech on behalf of Azerbaijani delegation noted Gagauz Turks are very important for Turkic world and they are followers of gokoghuzs. The conference co-chair Ass. Prof Dr. Osman Kunduracı took an accent to Gagauzs’ arrval in Moldova. The rector of Comrat State University, Prof. Dr. Zinaida Arikova expressed her pleasure of holding such a conference in the university. She added that Gagauz Turks are ready to realize common projects and work in any field of science. Gagauz Ministry of Culture Vasilisa Petrovici sated wish on Gagauzs’ being much closer to Turkic world.
The students of music faculty of Comrat State University performed songs.
Secretary general of the conference Ahmet Aytaç was rewarded Comrat State Award for the services in the promotion of Turkic culture. Later rector of the University, Prof.Dr. Zinaida Arikova presented award to Ahmet Aytaç and Prof. Dr. Necati Demir for their role in the development of Turkic culture.
“Turkic art exhibition” of Gagauz and Turkic artisans demonstrated within the conference.
The conference followed with the sessions. First, there heard a speech on life and activity of Prof.Dr. Yusuf Kücükdağ, who the conference dedicated to.
Professor of Azerbaijan State University of Economics, Abbas Seyidov had a presentation in the conference (Selections from Asian history: Pearls of Ancient Turkic culture), while the head of portal, Fuad Babayev (Armed conflicts and realpolitics in the former Soviet Union), doctorates of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction Ihsan Gokçen (Classification Ways of Dwellings in Protection of Cultural Heritage – in example of Aydin City) and Ali Tashtemir (Traditionalism in Modern Religious Architecture in Istanbul) had posters from Azerbaijan.

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