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Day of Archaeology in Agsu

The portal gathers archaeologists all over the world to mark their professional holiday - International Archaeology Day since 2011. The purpose of the project is to encourage archaeologists to hold various events, as well as sharing outcomes of these events as photos, videos and Internet materials in the public along with celebrating this day.    

Since 2014 the holiday of the archaeologists has been marking in Azerbaijan in initiative of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage. Every year archaeology festival is held in the Medieval Agsu Town with participation of archaeologists, ethnographs, epigraphs, art historians, as well as volunteers of cultural heritage from Baku, Agsu, Shamakhi, Ismayilli and also local residents.         

The exhibition "Urban civilization in early Middle Ages-Mehrevan walled town" was opened in windows and podiums of Juma Mosque in Medieval Agsu Town Archeological Tourism Complex on 29 July, 2016. The exposition reflected the results of archaeological excavations in Mehravan walled town conducted during 2013-2015 years. PhD Fariz Khalilli stated that, rich artefacts - bronze jewellery items, iron tools, agate seals, coins of Rome, Byzantine and Sasanyds; backgammon stones and dice; bone, stone and glass items, pottery trough, etc. are exhibited there. The exhibition will be available in Juma Mosque for a year.      

One-act play called  “Join us" screened by writer Arzu Soltan and intended for children was performed by pupils from Agsu. This play encourages children to be involved in archaeological researches and ends with students’ starting to conduct archaeological excavations. The performance was played in the main square of Medieval Agsu Town. Students of Ismayilli State Humanitarian and Technological college performed the national dances and MIRAS music group sounded mugham during the event.     

At the conference hall of Medievel Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex Prof.Dr. Kubra Aliyeva, epigraph Habiba Aliyeva and archaeologist Elmira Abbasova gave a lecture about “Pottery to Applied art: What Do Ornaments Deal With?”. In this workshop Azerbaijan's rich history of art, the variety of ornaments and their existence thanks to inheritance were discussed and appropriate questions were answered.

The examples of applied art and new publications belonged to Agsu History and Local Lore Museum and Agsu Central Library were exhibited at this event.  

Handicrafts of women from Gagali, Bico and Gashad villages were also exhibited there within the project “The Role of Women in Rural Lifestyle Development” financed by  Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and realized by MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage. During this exhibition some of handicrafts were sold by auction.  

Artist Vugar Qurbanov gave presents to the participants during the exhibition making some sketches. 

Detailed information about II Agsu Archaeological Festival will be posted on portal 

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