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III International Agsu Symposium of Historical Places and Monuments Ended
III International Agsu Symposium of Historical Places and Monuments dedicated to honourary memory of Prof. Dr. Kamil Ibrahimov and co-organized on 15-17 October by "Medieval Agsu City" State Historical-Cultural Reserve under State Service of Cultural Heritage Conservation, Development and Rehabilitation of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, MIRAS  Social Organization in Support of Studying  of Cultural Heritage, Caucasus Heritage Research Institute, YOCOCU Association of Italy and Agsu Training Center ended its work.   
The symsposium continued its work as live broadcast in Youtube channel of MIRAS Social Organization and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of Agsu Reserve within three days in four sections. In general, over 30 presentations and four posters were submitted at the symposium. The employees of Azerbaijan Polytechnic University, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, as well as National Museum of History of Azerbaijan, Institute of Architecture and Art, Institute of Manuscripts named after M.Fuzuli and Nakhchievan branch of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, “Ancient Shamkir city” State  Historical-Cultural Reserve, "Avey" State Historical-Cultural Reserve, State Historical-Architectural Reserve “Icheri sheher”, “Ateshgah Temple” State Historical-Cultural Reserve, “Yanardag” State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve, Chiraggala-Shabran State Historical-Cultural Reserve, Adnan Menderes University, Aydın, Turkey, Kojaeli Museum of Turkey, Alma Mater Bologna, Italy, Italy YOCOCU Association, Novosibirsk State University and Tumen State University of Russia, Tabriz Islamic Art University of Iran, French-Albanian College of Albania, Center for Advanced Researches of Macedonia, MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, Agsu region Central Library System under Ismayilly region Cultural Department, Sumgayit State Art Gallery and other scientific-research institutions participated at the symposium with presentations and posters. The participants were granted certificates.
The project on tour route of “Historical Silk Way” brougt into the notice of the public during final meeting of the symposium. The project assuming great importance from archaeological, ethnographic and agro tourism aspects cites Ortabulag road between Shamakhi and Agsu in ancient and medieval ages, that is historical Silk road and embraces the monuments like Gazan ditch, Pir Bakhtiyar Tomb, Javanshir dwelling, Sheikh Dursun Tomb, Kelekhana Tombs and Nargizava necropolis.
Film “Move towards the sun: Transhumance woman” was shown within the symposium.


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