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Exhibition “Heroes of Victory”

"Medieval Agsu City" State Historical-Cultural Reserve of State Service of Cultural Heritage Conservation, Development and Rehabilitation under the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Azerbaijan co-arranged and introduced  the exhibition entitled "Heroes of Victory" dedicated to the martyrs and the veterans of Karabakh war in historical Juma Mosque within the Reserve together with Gagali municipality of Agsu region and MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage. The exhibition includes clothes, civil and military items, photos, documents, medals and other exhibits belonged to the martyrs and participants of the Karabakh War I and II. The Reserve staff, employees of municipality and the members of the MIRAS Organization met with the martyrs’ families living in Agsu city and villages of Agsu region, Baku and Sumgayit cities starting from 27 September  and collected information about the martyrs. Main part of the exhibition consists of items, photos and documents of 34 martyrs of 44-day Patriotic War from Agsu region. The exhibition is scheduled to be shown until December 31, 2021. 


The urban community, the families of martyrs, veterans, warriors, officials of the State Service of Cultural Heritage Conservation, Development and Rehabilitation under the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Azerbaijan, employees of Medieval Agsu City State Historical-Cultural Reserve, Gagali municipality of Agsu region and the members of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, as well as guests from other regions and cities attended the opening of the exhibition on 13 November. 

Director of Agsu Reserve, PhD in History Fariz Khalilli opened the event and stated that they met with the families of martyrs both for the exhibition and the book-album and shared their opinions, suggestions and information. All families of the martyrs expressed their wish on remembrance and eternity of the martyrs. This exhibition is mainly socio-cultural event of that kind. It is intended to co-arrange events, competitions and master classes with schools, colleges and universities of Agsu and surrounding regions within the exhibition. Ten different programs were worked up for this purpose.  


The program of events include master class "Let's build “Shusha fortress” monuments together" by sculptor Vugar Guliyev, master class on "Victory images" by art critic Sema Almammadli and guide Khoshgadam Akbarli, essay contest on "Heroes of Victory" by employee of the Reserve, Shalala Osmanli, friendship volleyball tournament organized by Agsu Youth Department, preparation of essay in English on subject "Heroes of Victory" by the presentation of guide Bilal Azizov and video recording of students reading their essays, speeches of martyrs' families and war veterans on "Heroes of Victory" organized by the Reserve's employees and also fathers of the martyrs -Parviz Guliyev and Agil Suleymanov and answering students' questions during the debate, master class on mugham by head of "Khanchoban" Music Group, singer Ruslan Adgozalov and explaining students nicety of "Khudayar tasnif", master class on making copies of martyr's handicrafts and preparation of fish souvenirs presented by monument guard, Parviz Osmanov, imitated military training by monument guards and also war participants-Vugar Hajiyev and Najaf Najafov, master class by photographer Anar Habibov on photography and video shooting for schoolchildren, free photography of schoolchildren within the area of the Reserve and exhibition.


Head of Center for Albanian Studies of ANAS Institute of Archaeology, Ethnography and Anthropology, Prof.Dr. Gafar Jabiyev spoke about Karabakh war and heroism of our triumphant Army led by Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev. He noted importance of the dedication of the exhibition to martyrs and veterans and the exhibition of their articles as a valuable historical exhibit. Professor of the Azerbaijan Technical University, Shikar Gasimov told about Karabakh War I and II and significance of the exhibits of belongings of the martyrs of both wars in terms of patriotism and inheritance. He added that he is from Lachin and Lachin was liberated through diplomatic pressure of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and blood of our martyrs and war veterans. Press secretary for State Service of Cultural Heritage Conservation, Development and Rehabilitation under the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Azerbaijan, Fariz Huseynli estimated highly the exhibition "Heroes of Victory" by "Medieval Agsu City" State Historical-Cultural Reserve and said the work in cultural field will continue in the future. Bakhtiyar Mammadov, head of the Department for work with Patriotic war veterans and families of martyrs of Agsu region Executive Power stressed that the preparation of exhibition and books dedicated to martyrs and veterans is not only cultural, but also scientific event and our scientists will continue their research in this field. War veteran Ibrahim Huseynov underscored that, main instigator for our free and comfortable life in the lands of our homeland is our martyrs and veterans. Our martyrs are avenged, such exhibitions immortalize their memory and inspire patriotism among children and youth.


Martyr Yadigar Vahabov's mother Shola Vahabova, Martyr Parvin Tahmazov's mother Asli Tahmazova, Martyr Vugar Guliyev's mother Konul Guliyeva, Martyr Jeyhun Khalilov's mother Fakhriyya Khalilova, Rauf Malikov's mother Narinj Malikova, Martyr Togrul Farajzadeh's father Habil Jabiyev, Martyr Israyil Jafarzadeh's father Namig Jafarov, martyr Farid Shamilov’s father Mirza Shamilov, Martyr Ilkin Zulfugarov's sister Afsana Alakbarova and martyr Farid Najafov's sister Aytaj Najafova shared their memories about our martyrs. Schoolchildren Nazrin Samadzade and Omar Alakbarli recited poems dedicated to the martyrs.


Then martyr Farid Najafov's sisters Aytaj and Ayshan Najafova cut the ribbon of the "Heroes of Victory" exhibition. The attendees of the event took a look to shopwindows in the exhibition hall and expressed their opinions and suggestions. The families of the martyrs expressed their support to enrich and make the exhibition sustainable. Memorial photos were taken at the exhibition and heartfelt words were expressed. 


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