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“National Heroes are Source of Proud” Held in Martyrs Museum

MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage held meeting entitled “National Heroes are Source of Proud” at Martyrs Museum on occasion of 26 June, the day of 96th anniversary of the Azerbaijani army's creation on 27 June 2014 created by Recognition of Garabagh Realities to International World” Social Organization. 

During the meeting Garabagh veterans dealt with the glorious ways of flight and shared their impressions. Alovsat Gasimov, Garabagh veteran, vivid witness of those bloody years, former militant fought at the battles for our areas’ integrity during 1988-1996 years spoke about calamity conducted by Armenian fascists. Alovsat Gasimov also collected photos reflected bloody tragedies, memories and patriotism activity. He went to Nakhchievan for several times in 1991-1992 and met with Nationwide leader Haydar Aliyev and acted in order to deliver real facts to next generation for documentation of war’s tragic and non-falsification of history due to valuable recommendations and instructions of great leader.
He got out persons considered captives of Armenians and lost from the polygons and defined their identity. 950 of the martyrs were sent to their families. He also made photos of our martyrs made unknown by Armenian tyranny and suffered from many tortures, making historical chronicle of photos displayed Armenian vandalism. The members of MIRAS Organization followed the photo exposition at the museum, heard the war’s wildness from Alovsat Gasimov.
Executive director of “Recognition of Garabagh Realities to International World” Social Organization, Leyla Mammadrzayeva shared her impressions on the done work and that to be done.
In the end chairman of MIRAS Organization, PhD Fariz Khalilli expressed his regret concerning the condition of the museum. Along with the location of the museum around cafes and restaurants and in the cellar, as well as damage of humidity to numerous photo-materials are seen clearly. Richness of this museum with the material and detailed awareness of the museum guide make urgent functioning of the museum in a wider field and design exposition in the future and this is the obligation of corresponding bodies. Fariz Khalilli saying his readiness for preparation of alternative building project and mobile exhibition, expressed gratitude to Alovsat Gasimov for creating such a museum and granted MIRAS Friend plaquette to him.

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