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YOCOCU Azerbaijan

YOCOCU 2014 has represented a bridge between two cultures, the European one and that of the Caucasus region, with the message: Cultural heritage is our common resource and it belongs to all of us! For this reason YOCOCU 2014 has been an extraordinary union of people and intentionsthat has allowed us to minimize the differences in methods and materials applied for the conservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of youth involvement in this sector.
YOCOCU 2014 has also been a moment of joy, celebrating the birth of the YOCOCU International Association, and its multinational structure:

YOCOCU Italia: Andrea Macchia (
YOCOCU Spagna: Natalia Perez Ema and Pilar Rubiales ( |
YOCOCU Belgio: Simone Cagno (
And some national offices:
YOCOCU Croatia: Majda Begić (
YOCOCU Romania: Ioan Paul Colta (
YOCOCU Azerbaijan: Fariz Khalili (

YOCOCU International Association is focused to realize a network among young/senior professionals and researchers, working in different fields of Cultural Heritage.
Please continue to support us and remember that YOCOCU is first of all a union of people!!!
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Andrea Macchia, FarizKhalilli, Simone Cagno



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