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Macedonian Culture and Folklore Activities in Azerbaijan

On 9th November, 2014 range of events for the promotion of cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and Macedonia will be held at initiative of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, with support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Agsu regional Executive Power, Socio-Cultural Anthropology Institute of Macedonia, the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) and AzGranata MMC.

Within the event, the photo-exhibition “Cultural heritage monuments of Azerbaijan and Macedonia” is to be organized in Medieval Agsu town Archaeological Tourism Complex. The guests will have the opportunity to familiarize with the medieval Agsu town closely.
Cultural program including dance performance of Vevcani province of Macedonia, KUD “Drimkol” folklore group and MIRAS Music group’s mughams will be organized.

Respectively, info-tour provided for media representatives and tourism sector entitled "Perspectives of archaeological tourism in Agsu” is planned, too. This will make available the outcomes of archaeological research conducted in Medieval Agsu Town and Mehravan Castle for the guests on spot.
Known intellectuals of Azerbaijan and Macedonia, media and tourism representatives, as well as regional community and MIRAS members will take part there. To note, in January, 2014 MIRAS Social Organization held an exhibition in Macedonia for the purpose of promotion of Azerbaijani cultural heritage. The members of MIRAS also represented Azerbaijan at International Conference of Cultural Heritage, Media and Tourism held annually in Ohrid city of Macedonia.

Cultural heritage tours will be arranged for Macedonian friends on 8-11 November 2014 to Baku, Shaki, Gabala, Shamakhi, Ismayilli and Agsu regions of Azerbaijan.


"Azerbaijani and Macedonian Cultural heritage” and info-tour “Archaeological tourism in Agsu”

9 November 2014
07:00 – Gather near Modern Hotel and departure to Agsu
10:00 – Opening ceremony of photo-exhibition “Cultural heritage monuments of Azerbaijan and Macedonia”
11.00 – Presentation of "Perspectives of archaeological tourism in Agsu”. Acquaintance with Medieval Agsu Town and Mehravan Castle.
15:00- Cultural program of dance performance of Vevcani Macedonia, KUD “Drimkol” folklore group and MIRAS Music group’s mughams.
Venue: Agsu Cultural House
17:00 – Acquaintance with new activities of AzGranata MMC in Agsu city

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