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Macedonian Culture and Folklore Activities Promoted in Agsu

On 9th November, 2014 range of events for the promotion of cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and Macedonia was held at initiative of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, with support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Agsu regional Executive Power, Socio-Cultural Anthropology Institute of Macedonia, the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) and AzGranata MMC in Agsu City, Azerbaijan.
First, Agsu regional administration, well-known people of Azerbaijan and Macedonia, media and tourism representatives, regional community, as well as MIRAS members visited monument of Nationwide Leader Haydar Aliyev and Haydar Aliyev Centre in Agsu city.

Photo-exhibition “Cultural heritage monuments of Azerbaijan and Macedonia” was opened in Medieval Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex. Mayor of Agsu city Anvar Seyidaliyev congratulated the guests and Agsu residents on occasion of 9 November, State Flag Day. He spoke about the exhibition, the public attitude towards cultural heritage increased in Agsu in a good sense of the word. Chairman of MIRAS Organization Fariz Khalilli reminded cultural relations between Azerbaijan and Macedonia widened, and “Azerbaijani archaeological pearls” exhibition held in Ohrid in 2014. The exhibition will be opened to the visitors next month, too. Director of Socio-Cultural Anthropology Institute of Macedonia, Rubin Zemon stated their pleasure of being in Azerbaijan in such a prideful day, flag day, their signing collaboration memorandum of Azerbaijani and Macedonian governments and its being good sample for collaboration. Professor of Azerbaijan Economic University, Abbas Seyidov said our cultural heritage is promoted worthily at international symposiums and exhibitions and each Azerbaijani person feels proud of his identity. Professor of Azerbaijan Technical University, Shikar Gasimov appreciated highly cooperation of MIRAS Organization with scientific and public bodies in various countries of the world in the field of the cultural heritage and rich program of folklore group. Arif Aliyev, head of division within Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan stated 6308 cultural heritage monuments; confirmation of the protection of these monuments in the Constitution of the republic, Medieval Agsu Town is duly preserved in this sense. Maleyka Huseynova, the coordinator of international archaeological tourism project “Cities of Common Cultural Heritage” supported by COMCEC talked about perspectives of archaeological tourism in Azerbaijan and Medieval Agsu town’s being one of main tourism routes in that project. She added that a wide photo blank was shown which was taken during the exhibition and involved in the exploration. With decision of the MIRAS Board, head of Agsu region Executive Power, Anvar Seyidaliyev was granted MIRAS award for his support to activity of Agsu archaeological expedition and scientific and cultural events arranged by MIRAS.
Later on known intellectuals of Azerbaijan and Macedonia, media and tourism representatives, regional community, as well as the member of MIRAS familiarized with the exhibition. After the exhibition, the participants were presented Medieval Agsu town’s complexes.
Later cultural program including dance performance of Vevcani province of Macedonia, KUD “Drimkol” folklore group and MIRAS Music group’s mughams was organized. The head of Agsu City Executive Power, Anvar Seyidaliyev opened the event and expressed pleasure of Macedonian folklore group’s being in Agsu. Rubin Zemon gave information on Kud Drimkol folklore group and noted the group joins to concerts and festivals of different countries of the world, also in Macedonia. Toşe Çoçoroski, head of Kud Drimkol folklore group expressed gratitude to the mayor for the support in the arrangement of the concert in Agsu and granted to Anvar Seyidaliyev a present of memory. Scientific worker of ANAS Folklore Institute, Atesh Ahmadli delivered a wide report on Azerbaijani folklore, its relation with the folklore of other peoples and folklore tourism. Afterwards, Azerbaijani musicians (tar performer Mehman Mikayilov, kamancha performer Bakhtiyar Huseynov, singers Ruslan Adigozalov and Mirnagi Huseynov) performed mugham set. Professor Abbas Seyidov dealt with fine peculiarities of ashig art of Azerbaijan and performed saz.
Kud Drimkol Folklore Group presented folk dances accompanied with sorrow, break-up, heroism, aridity and love. Dances of folk were welcomed with interest.

In the end Rubin Zemon granted a certificate to Ph.D Fariz Khalilli for his honourary service.
Info-tour of media and tourism representatives was followed with acquaintance with local outputs in newly-opened shop of AzGranata MMC in Agsu city. The certificates were presented to tour participants.
To note, in January 2014 MIRAS Social Organization held an exhibition with the purpose to recognize cultural heirtage of Azerbaijan in Macedonia. The members of the MIRAS represented Azerbaijan during International Cultural Heritage, Media and Tourism Conference held in Ohrid every year.
Cultural heritage tours will be arranged to Shaki, Gabala, Shamakhi, Ismayilli, Agsu regions on 10-11 November for Macedonian friends.


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