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STATEMENT of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage protesting against speech of President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz in EP session on 26th November 2014

MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage expresses its concern regarding pressures and biased position of different countries and bodies against Azerbaijan which has strong and confident status in international community like other NGOs functioned in Azerbaijan. MIRAS Social Organization stresses its displeasure concerning this kind of speeches every time, rejects this speech and considers the speech of President of the European Parliament , Martin Schulz at plenary of European Parliament on 26th November 2014 politically biased position towards our country as attempt to flagrant interfere with internal affairs of Azerbaijan.
Instead of having equal and just treatment with all European countries as the President of European Parliament, Mr. Martin Schulz attracts attention with voice of unreal thoughts about Azerbaijan. By expressing the ideas on violation of the rights of Leyla Yunus arrested for public activity in Azerbaijan during plenary of the European Parliament on 26th November 2014 held in Strasbourg Mr. Schulz meddled with the internal affairs of our country unambiguously. We want to note that defending by you the people charged of concrete criminal offences, as well as treason of the Motherland under the pretext of freedom of word, press and thought casts shadow over the objectivity of European Parliament as an influential organization as a whole.
European people know that a large part of the area of existent borders of Azerbaijan is occupied by Armenia, people were driven from their native land, hundreds of our monuments which might be turned to samples of world cultural heritage sites were looted. Nevertheless, this situation still ongoing. Did Martin Schulz express his thoughts about the situation in our country up to now, remember the rights of thousands of people of living in their own territories, the right to provide the children with education and to integrate into the society safely? We feel regret. It is a pity that, we are obliged to see only lasting tradition of double standards, personal interest and your own benefit. As MIRAS Organization, we would like you to remind Azerbaijan which is situated in sensitive georgraphical area in a very senstitive period not with preconceived ideas that do not correspond to the truth and unreal thoughts, but real and frank acknowledgement.
MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage unequivocally rejects biased and injust opinions of Mr. Martin Schulz about our country and calls the European community to protest against this policy of double standards.

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