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1st International Youth Forum of Cultural Heritage and Tourism 1-2 February 2015 Baku, Azerbaijan

MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage announces 1st International Youth Forum of Cultural Heritage and Tourism.

Information. Forum will be held under slogan “Explore, Protect and Promote!”. Youth of the age till 35 from different countries will forward new ideas in the line of study, protection and promotion of cultural heritage. In the end speakers and participants will be granted certificates.

Purpose. The Forum aims at maintaining collaboration perspectives in the direction of protection and study of cultural heritage, tourism and new fields of tourism by gathering youth among the countries, achieving wide application of exchange of new ideas and successful practices.

For this purpose:
- brings together young people from different countries; helps widening of cultural and tourism relations among those countries;
- displays the role of youth in exploration, protection and promotion of cultural heritage;
- tries to study culture, tourism, traditions of different countries;
- promotes traditions, rich history, culture and tourism of our country among youth of various world countries;
- gives “peace and unity” message to the world;
- listens to the youth’s ideas and initiatives and on its basis adoption of Declaration.

Terms of participation: Youth of 16-35 ages having cultural heritage and tourism activities, wishing to have new relations are invited to participate as presenters of forum and share ideas and practices. Along with Azerbaijan, youth from Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Russia, Italy, Macedonia, India, France, Germany, Spain, Egypt and other countries will participate there. The papers covered new ideas, methods and conception, understandings and the analysis of successes and failures in the field of cultural heritage and tourism will be preferred. Take into consideration the following when sending the abstract:
1. Abstracts must be in Azerbaijani or English languages.
2. Abstracts must be short (maximum 300 words) and should cover main purpose and results. Basic measurements for the forum: quality, originality, comprehensiveness. Abstract covers: (a) title ( abstract topic); (b) entrance with the forum purposes; (c) short description of relevant practice processes; (d) new and non-published information base (d) result.

Authors are accountable for any ideas, as well as writing and grammar rules or mistakes in scientific facts indicated in the abstract. The participant should fill in this application form on ‘’ web-site to register and then send an abstract.

Deadline: 8th January, 2015
The accepted will be notified till 22nd January, 2015.

Web page:

There is no limit for participants of the forum. Fill in the application form on web-site and register.

Presenters - 60 AZN (publications, 2-day coffee breaks and lunch);
Participants - 30 AZN (2-day coffee breaks and lunch).

Venue and date:
1-2 February, 2015
Modern Hotel, Baku, Azerbaijan

Advisory Board:
Veli Aliyev, ANAS Associate member
Jafar Giyasi, ANAS Associate member
Prof.Dr. Gafar Jabiyev
Prof.Dr. Luigi Scrinzi (Italy)
Prof.Dr. Kubra Aliyeva
Prof.Dr. Minakhanim Tekleli-Nuriyeva
Prof.Dr. Shikar Gasimov
Prof.Dr. Abbas Seyidov
Prof.Dr. Kamil Ibrahimov
Dr. Fariz Khalilli
Dr. Juanjo Pulido (Spain)
Dr. Irina Gusac (Russia)
Ahmet Aytaç (Turkey)
Emil Safarov
Maleyka Huseynova
Arzu Soltan
Gulshan Huseynova
Teymur Najafzade
Mammad Rahimov

Organization Committee:
Jafar Mansimi
Shola Bayramova
Aida Malikova
Valeh Jafarov
Elnur Aliyev (Georgia)
Chinara Aliyeva
Ilgar Babayev (Turkey)
Karim Musazade (Iran)
Enrico Greco (Italy)


1 February, 2015
10.00-11.00-Registration of participants
11.00-12.30-Opening ceremony of the Forum
12.30-14.00- Lunch
14.00-18.00-The session “Explore”

2 February, 2015
09.00-13.00-Session “Protect”
14.00-18.00- Session “Promote”
18.00-19.00-Discussions (cultural heritage and tourism studies), adoption of Declaration
19.00-19.30-Granting of certificates


Registration form for Participants  -DOWNLOAD
Registration form for  Presenters - DOWNLOAD


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