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Action “Kind Reader” Came to an End Successfully

MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage meets demands of people who are users of cultural heritage, along with study, research and promotion of cultural heritage. MIRAS arranges actions, projects due to the people’s wish and intentions, presents MIRAS journal to the readers. One of the projects implemented by MIRAS Organization is “Kind reader” started since 2013 and lasted every year. MIRAS tried to help to help different people, little children, schoolchildren, youth, grown-ups for whom it is hard to defeat obstacles for difficult, sometimes objective and more subjective reasons in contributing the researches, work over himself, taken interest to the events in the fields of policy, economy, science, techniques, literature, culture though being blind with the help of voice of MIRAS members and intend to lastingly continue this.
For this purpose, 10 books (3 textbooks for students, “Choose your death by Chingiz Abdullayev, “Sweet salt“ by Seyfeddin Dagli, “little prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, “Mahmoud and Maryam “ by Elchin, “Mariya” by Amina Ozkan Shanlikoglu, “Forgotton dream” by Chingiz Abdullayev, “Your ancestor” by Mahmud Ismayilov were sounded and mounted in collaboration with Republican Library for Blind with rich foundation through the books presented as gift to them by frank people and decisiveness of people working there, also located near “Ganjlik” metro station and cellar of 5-storey building and the chief deputy of library, Tofig Balayev due to the requirements of compatriots of ours with poor eye-vision and introduces as audio-book to the listeners in 2014 as well. The volunteers
wished to meet demands of the listeners with their voices, enjoyed of being helpful to them and doing this with great pleasure, i.e. kind readers are members of MIRAS– Gulshan Huseynova, Naila Hasanova, Ulviyya Ismayilova, Vusala Bashirova, Orkhan Gambarov and master student of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Kursumkhanim Tahirli.
In fact through the “kind reader” project both our readers and listeners were created conditions for haunt the world of knowledge, to read the books of different time and genre and brought to notice to thousands of people. So, MIRAS members and volunteers create circumstance for printing of those books in special alphabet along with teaching and learning.
Today “kind readers” wish continuance of this action in the independent studio without time limit in 2015 and create conditions for professional voicing of all books in the library fund. We also wish that special Internet radio to function for blind people and Internet portal of audio-books collected from textbooks, monographers, art, scientific, popular-scientific operated into the base. We address the companies undefined for funding the socio-responsible projects, rich people, relevant bodies taking into consideration the care of our state towards people with physical disabilities last years and request to pay attention to the development of the intentions of those people without light of eyes but intellectuals useful for the society by applying their potential.
We invite mass media and NGO representatives, as well as people sensitive to these cases to final event of “Kind reader” action on 15 December 2014-at 15.00pm at World Business Center.

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