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MIRAS Ended “Kind Reader” Project with New Ideas

MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage summarized “Kind project” project on 14th December, 2014 together with Republican Library for Blind at conference hall of World Business Center. PhD Fariz Khalilli, chairman of MIRAS Organization opened the account event, gave information about the story of relations with the Library. He noted collaboration hence the first meeting in 2013 and excursion, and deputy director of the Library, Tofig Balayev’s participation at the events actively as MIRAS Friend. The event continued with the video by Orkhan Gambarov, MIRAS member and engaged in montage of books.
The video referred to play of our known writer, deceased Islam Safarli expressed wishes of blind people, sounded senses of kind readers and reflected their expectations following this strong emotional impact video. Gulshan Huseynova, one of the participants and coordinator of this project spoke later. She gave information about the work done for a year and introduced kind readers who read 10 books concentrating on work practice in this field and stated urgency of strengthening the activity in line of preparation of digital Braille, printed Braille, preparation of audio-books. Adding that users of library with nearly 10000 rich book fund need sounded books, G. Huseynova noted care of the state towards people with physical abilities. She wished that the library could have a new and rich equipped building and wide voice recording studio. She also stressed her hope for those who tried her voice, but was unable to participate because of the poor opportunities of the recording studio. She expressed her gratitude to chairman of MIRAS, Fariz Khalilli and deputy director of the Library, Tofig Balayev for the created circumstance and happiness because of rendered help as one of the one mission as member of MIRAS.
Deputy Director of the Library, Tofig Balayev in his speech said MIRAS held for the first time such a charity action in Azerbaijan and therefore thanked to all staff under Fariz Khalilli’s guidance. Mr. Tofiq Balayev touched upon the practice of US, Russian Federation and Turkey in this field. He said sounded books were read free of charge in the mentioned countries and this practice is applied mostly in prisons in USA. Though time problem in the recording recording studio, montage of books is more difficult. The speaker talked about Orkhan Gambarov’s help and necessity for the volunteers for montage work of sounded books to bring to notice of readers operatively and can teach them the way of montages.
The event was ended with presentation of messages of gratitude of MIRAS to “kind reader” group by Tofig Balayev, chief deputy of Republican Blind People Library and chairman of MIRAS Social Organization, Fariz Khalilli and taking photos.The participants of the event were of very high spirit and encouragement. As kind readers we wish one thing- to read and record books in 2015 without time limit, and not in the cellar, but independent recording studio of library which have special building, read books as a team of professional kind readers and with that create conditions for our listeners’ trip to the world of science and knowledge and help their adaptation to the community being representative of civil society.

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