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"Common Values and History" Conference and Exhibition “Common Values in Turkic World” held in Tarsus, Turkey

On 24th, December 2014 "Azerbaijan and Turkey: Common Values and History" Conference and exhibition “Common Values in Turkic World” of photograph Mammad Rahimov were held in in Mersin Çağ University in Tarsus city of Turkey by Turkic Community of the University, MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage and Turkic World Union Platform. The conference was opened by chairperson of Turkic Community of the University and co-coordinator of Turkic World Union Platform, Ahmet Şimşek. The conference and exhibition aim at wide promotion and discussions of common values and our history. He gave information about petition tent “lie of 100 year” organized by Turkic World Union Platform and called on the youth of the world to join this action. He reminded those saying genocide of year 1915 which is false, 20 January and Khojaly tragedy.
Professor of Technical University of Azerbaijan, director of history chair, professor Shikar Gasimov spoke and thanked to Ahmet Şimşek for such initiatives. Mentioning he is from Lachin, Garabakh Shikar Gasimov brought to notice of youth that he witnessed personally, our cultural heritage monuments are ruined ruthful and looted. He noted that Azerbaijan and Turkey could own our cultural values and learn our history above all.
Chairman of MIRAS Social Organization, PhD Fariz Khalilli Azerbaijan and Turkey are basic and important parts of Turkic-I slam world and this is proved by our cultural heritage monuments. He dealt with the work done in study, protection and promotion of cultural heritage in Azerbaijan referred to archaeological excavations in Medieval Agsu town. There was talked about the role of Van, Ahlat, Arzurum and Amasia cities in general Turkic culture which is existent in international archaeological tourism project “Cities of Common Cultural Heritage”. Calling the youth to recognize Turkic-Islamic cultural monuments and travel, Fariz Khalilli stressed that the universities and schools are especially interested in organization of such tours.
Professor of Mersin Çağ University, Esat Arslan spoke and noted Turkic cultural traces are obvious not only in Eurasian but also European remote parts. He added that Islamic main monuments, mosques existed till early 20th century in Selanik, Iravan and Van, but looted by Armenians and Greek people, considered them “cultural people”.
At the end the presenters were granted plaquettes and gifts by the University. Professor Halil Çetin Bedestenci, rector of the University was granted "MIRAS Friend". Professor Shikar Gasimov and Fariz Khalilli went to sign petition tent “lie of 100 year” organized by Turkic World Union Platform and signed the petition. Before the conference Azerbaijani delegation met with the perfect of Tarsus, Hasan Göç. He said that Turkic abodes prevail in Tarsus, interesting view exists from ethnographic aspect. During the meeting it was stressed that announcement of Tarsus Bolkar villages with one of Azerbaijan’s large villages as sister villages will help the development of cultural relations not among the cities, but also villages.

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