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Students of Khazar University familiarized with MIRAS Practice in Cultural Heritage Field

On 10th March, 2015 “cultural heritage and archaeological tourism” scientific-practical conference was organized by MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage in Khazar University and with support of Student and Youth Organization of the University.
Alovsat Amirbayli, director of Khazar University on Public Relations and Media affairs opened the conference. He introduced Fariz Khalilli, chairman of MIRAS Organization, a main speaker and dealt with common activity of the University with Khazar Unviersity. Alovsat Amirbayli spoke about latest accomplishments of Azerbaijani science of archaeology and the development of tourism in Azerbaijan. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Fariz Khalilli made a report on the practice of MIRAS in the domain of cultural heritage and archaeological tourism. He stated that for 5 years MIRAS had achieved specific experience in the study, protection and promotion of Azerbaijani cultural heritage and turned to notable NGO not only in Azerbaijan and also in the world. Archaeological explorations and conservation and promotion work conducted in medieval Agsu town, Shikhmezid monument and Mehravan Castle caused great interest in wide scientific community and appreciated as academic innovation. MIRAS Organization which organizes a lot of international conferences, symposiums, forums, exhibitions and courses intends to hold camps and other events with students and teachers of Khazar University. Students of other universities including Khazar University were involved in “High education and individual development. apply experience of each other” project within Erasmus+ implemented in collaboration with Belgium Turkish Association recently. Talking about international archaeological tourism project “Cities of Common Cultural heritage” project of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Azerbaijan, Dr. Fariz Khalilli recommended the youth to study Turkic-Islamic culture, as well as travel the cities covered those cultures and own them by travelling.
Later on Roza Arazova, chief of history and archaeology department and senior lecturer dealt with the importance of youth interest in archaeology and study of Azerbaijani old history and MIRAS continuous work in this field. He called on the youth to join cultural heritage projects.

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