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Day of Russian Youth and MIRAS

On 23 June, 2016 there was held photo-exhibition and friendly meeting of Azerbaijani and Russian youth in Russian Culture and Information Centre of embassy of Russia in Azerbaijan dedicated to 27 June Day of Russian youth. Azerbaijani and Russian out take part at the event co-arranged by MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage.
Deputy Chairman of Russian Cooperation Agency in Azerbaijan, Alexey Konnov opened the event, welcomed the guests and said it is already some years that this event is held in Azerbaijan. He added that next year in Sochi World Youth and Students Festival will be held and invited all Azerbaijani youth organizations to co-arrange and participate in that event.
The chairperson of Azerbaijan-Russian Youth Association, Anastasia Kononova gave information to the participants about youth events held regularly in Azerbaijan.
The event was followed by a concert. The dances of “tiro” creative studio, also “Anam Khazarim” and “Naz eleme” national folk dances by MIRAS Organization were introduced to the guests.
Afterwards there were interesting speeches on cultural relations of Azerbaijani and Russian youth.


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