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Episkeptis Decorative-Applied International Art Exhibition

Episkeptis decorative-applied international art exhibition will be held on 16-17 July, 2016 in Ganja co-arranged by MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, Ganja Children Art School and Epikur Garden.Art glass works of teachers and students of Moscow State Academy of Industrial Art named after S.G. Stroganov visiting Ganja and the stained glass, national wears, jewelry and other works trimmed in different directions, techniques and topics by Ganja’s decorative-applied artists will be presented at the exhibition.
The teacher of the Academy, Butina Anna Albertovna, students Anna Kulikova, Maria Melnichuk, Ekaterina Tarasova, Maria Smirnova and from Ganja artists Shahla Nazarova, Sona Maharramova and others will show their works. In tote, 30 works will be shown there.
The exhibition will be open on 16th July 2016 at 07.00 pm in Epikur Garden. The entrance is free.
Regarding the concept of “Episkeptis”: due to decorative-applied art conception, “episkeptis” means “a guest”, “a visitor” in Greek. The naming of the event in such a way and it holding in the Epikur Garden is not occasional. Thus, Greek philosopher Epikur and his followers, considered that, each person visiting them, a guest, i.e. Azerbaijan, Ganja: “Hey, my guest, you will enjoy this place. This is the place with the state of supreme spiritual stability."
The exhibition curator is Mehbara Abbasova. The purpose of the project is to stimulate the development of cultural life in the region, to enliven art exhibition life, to maintain primarily the networking on international level among talented and creative youth and to create conditions for future progress, to bring together decorative artists working in different fields working in Ganja, with Russian artists, combine in one through exposition.
15 artists will generally participate at the exhibition:
1) Butina Anna Albertovna (teacher in Stroganov University)
2) Anna Kulikova
3) Maria Melnichuk
4) Ekaterina Tarasova
5) Maria Smirnova
6) Asya Shalimova
7) Anastasia Kobilchenko
8) Alexandra Strelkova
9) Alexey Drojdin
10) Mahar Maharramov
11) Sona Maharramova
12) Shehla Nazarova

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