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3rd International Tarakama Charshanba Folklore Festival

There were written few things about Akhtachi hamlet despite being one of large abodes of Shirvan region of Azerbaijan and thereby stayed beyond studies of ethnographers and folklore studies. Zaki Validi linked Akhtachi hamlet with Oghuz wrote that they possessed wide lands and dominated Tumens. Gagali Village of Agsu region is one of the villages which have Akhtachi hamlet. In this Turkish abode the population of which were engaged historically in cropping in winter, summer and spring pastures, some folklore samples are special. The analyses of oturma (rite due to which local people stay awake during the whole night) and passing of animals over bonfire like people provides opportunity to see the importance of Akhir Chranshanba ceremony in example of this place. MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage plans to hold 3rd International Tarakama Charshanba Folklore Festival in Gagali Village of Agsu region during last Tuesday (charshanba) of each year, this  year on 19-21 March 2018 in Agsu, Azerbaijan. The event is supported by ANAS Institute of Folklore and Agsu region Executive Power. The term of the festival will be 2 nights and 3 days. It is possible to take part in cultural programs of various folklore groups within the festival, join exhibition-fair, to follow oturma rite and akhir charshanba bonfires and Shamakhi and Agsu tours. Being in touch with villagers, tasting rural food, taking interesting photos of the village, doing folklore studies will be available at the festival. Folklore groups of different countries, cultural facilities and tourism companies wishing to promote and introduce their traditions of spring are invited to join to the festival.

Tour prices:

One night, 2-day- 45 AZN

Two night-3 day-60AZN


19 March 2018

08:00 – Gathering (Sumgayit exit of 20 January Metro Station)

11:00 – Opening ceremony of Festival and Exhibition in Gagali Village of Agsu region 

13.00 - Lunch 

14.30-19.00 – Performance of different folklore groups (group names and hours will be announced a week before the festival). Familiarization with hand works and shopping

19.00 - Dinner

20.00 – Accommodation in village houses and overnight 


20 March 2018

08.00 - Breakfast

09.00 – Exhibition and visiting Agsu Monuments as a group 

10.00-18.00 – Performance of various folklore groups (group names and hours will be announced a week before the festival). Familiarization with hand works and shopping

18.00-19.00 - Dinner 

19.00-20.00 – Bonfire is burnt. Wish lanterns on the sky.

20.00-05.00 – People will sit the whole night in the village. The settlers sit till the morning for their wishes due to the traditions. The tour participants will stay together with the village settlers and join them. The people who unwillingly sleep on that night will be sewn onto their mattress. During that night there will be retold epos and tales, various games played and legends heard. 

05.00-07.00- Tarakama charshanba starts before dawn. All domestic animals are brought to the charshanba. Later all participants also join the the charshanba.


21 March 2018

08:00 - Breakfast (traditional table set)

09:00-12.00 – Free time

12.00 – 16.00- Shamakhi city tour

16.00-Departure to Baku


Tour price includes:

Bus service

2-night overnight in village 

2 breakfasts, 2 dinner and tea breaks till the morning

Professional guides

Professional photography



Gagali Village, Agsu region

Doctor Fazil Jalilov Cultural House

Tel: 0508764043


Oxunub : 4845