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1st International Youth Forum of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Declaration

Youth of the age till 40 from different countries participated at the 1st International Youth Forum of Cultural Heritage and Tourism held by MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage on 1-2 February, 2015 under slogan “Explore, Protect and Promote!” .
The Forum aims at maintaining collaboration perspectives in the direction of protection and study of cultural heritage and tourism and new fields of tourism by gathering youth, among the countries and peoples, achieving wide application of exchange of new ideas and successful practices.
The participants adopted unanumously this Declaration covered continuance of the forum in the future and current situation reflected reality, as well as problems.
Special attention made to organization and implementation of youth forums in the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “confirmation of deveopment strategy of Azerbaijani youth in 2015-2025” validates importance of Cultural Heritage andYouth forum for next 10 years.
Young scientists and experts of countries icluding Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Georgia, Norway, Tajikistan, Italy, Egypt and Spain discussed global, interdisiplinary and national moments, as well as problems and perspectives on topics of cultural heritage and tourism.
The topics current trends in cultural heritage preservation and promotion in Siberia; the history of Azerbaijani folklore in 1900-1930 year; historical-cultural monuments of Tajikistan; cultural heritage resources of Georgia; traces of culture in Norwegian nature; museums as object of intercultural dialogue and current experiences; preventive experiences in protection of cultural heritage teasures at Topkapi Palace Museum; young conservation scientists and Italian practice of Calabria University in the field of cultural heritage; Egypt people and their folk songs; protection of vernacular architecture in Iran and restoration of historical buildings and each home is one hotel practice; international route forwarded by archaeological tourism project of “Cities of Common Cultural Heritage” embraced four countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey); cultural heritage and community management in Spain; the experience of promotion of the Azerbaijani cultural heritage for foreign students studying in Azerbaijan; local tourist guides as ambassadors of culture and history; the student tourism in northern Cyprus; development of rural tourism in the regions with tourism potential; training courses for inclusive tourist guides in Georgia were widely discussed within the 2-day forum.
It is intended to maintain friendship to stimulate the development of intercultural relations with representatives of various countries and peoples and strengthen integrity among youth, develop rather current collaboration; to arrange training courses on work principles and activity direction for high level implementation of the above-mentioned work by youth and provide teaching of working abilities, to make schedule for the ideas sounded at the forum and realize as project by developing more.
It is decided to hold 2nd International Youth Forum of Cultural Heritage and Tourism in 2016 in ordrer to strengthen friendly relations and collaboration among the youth of the countries which participated at the forum and to discuss the other actual problems.

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