Application of "MIRAS" Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage
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1. Cultural Heritage (Newspaper, journal, Internet, TV, friend and other)?
2. Public activity
3. The organizations you are member of?
4. How much of your time you can spend on MIRAS?
5. What can you suggest on MIRAS activity?
6. Which Department of MIRAS you want to work with ?
      Cultural Heritage Research Department (Head of the Department: Prof. Gafar Jabiyev)
      Department of Science and Education (Head of Department: Prof. Shikar Gasimov)
      Exhibition, Restoration and Conservation Department (Head of Department: Associate Professor Gunel Seidahmadli)
      Department of International Relations (Head of Department: Aida Melikova)
      Department of Cultural and Mass Events (Head of Department: Ruslan Adgozalov)
      Department of Information Technology and Public Relations (Head of Department: Orkhan Gambarov)
      Department for Work with Children and Youth (Head of Department: Ayten Namazova)