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MIRAS Held Conference in Konya

On 12-14 May, 2016 VI. International Turkic Art, History And Folklore Congress / Art Activities was co-arranged in Konya City of Turkey by International YOCOCU Association, MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, Konya Municipality, Selcuk University Research Center for Turkish Handicrafts, Nişantaşı University and Institute for Socio-Cultural Anthropology of Macedonia. More than 130 scholars from Azerbaijan, Iran, Italy, Moldova, Macedonia, Germany, Turkmenistan and Turkey participated at the conference.
The secretary general of the symposium and exhibition curator Ahmet Aytac delivered a speech in the opening ceremony held in Movlana Cultural Center and said the universities are not the place for lectures and seminars only, but also being science and art institution, are integrated within the collaboration with other scientific and cultural organizations. In this sense, he noted this conference took place as a result of successful collaboration of Selcuk University with other international and local institutions. The chairman of MIRAS Social Organization, Dr. Fariz Khalilli stated that many scholars from various countries attend this symposium; the collaboration between MIRAS and Selcuk University is appreciated and supported in both counties and abroad. Expressing gratitude to all scholars Fariz Khalilli said as much as heritage of the Turkic world is studied, protected and promoted, the whole mankind takes its part. Director of Selcuk University Research Center for Turkish Handicrafts, Ass. Prof. Dr. Osman Kunduracı appreciated the positive feedback of Konya Municipality towards scientific institutions and meetings. He talked about the work done by Chairman Tahir Akyürek in Konya and his activity. Osman Kunduracı mentioning the award of the municipality chief by International YOCOCU Association touched upon the restoration and conservation work conducted in Badastan. Prof.Dr. Gafar Jabiyev on behalf of Azerbaijani delegation noted gathering Turkic people, art people and scholars living in different parts of the world around round tables, meanwhile discussing with them our past, present day and imminent obligations are very useful task. He thanked to Konya municipality and administration of Selcuk University on behalf of Azerbaijani delegation. Director of Institute for Socio-Cultural Anthropology of Macedonia, Prof.Dr. Rubin Zemon focused on collapse of Ottoman State and the problem of Turkic communes’ formation in the Balkans after establishment of independent Balkan States. He called on Turkic scientists to solve and study this problem. Rubin Zemon stating existence of municipalities consisted of Turkic communes in Macedonia underscored the need of formation of Turkic communes in the countries like Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. The president of International YOCOCU Association, Dr. Andrea Macchia said that such conferences are very important from the aspect of familiarization of young experts in cultural heritage domain of Turkic world with the scientists working in leading universities of the world and noted the significance of creation of separate sections for English-speaking experts in the future. The representative of Moldova Republic Gagauz Autonomous Body, Sonya Burgucu said Gagauz Turks assume specific role in general Turkic culture and made attempts for their integration in the terms of science and culture. She touched the conference held in Comrat this year. The chairman of Konya municipality Tahir Akyürek in his speech wished success the work of the conference. He expressed his pleasure of Konya’s hosting the conference making new productive contributions. Rector of Selçuk University, Prof.Dr. Mustafa Şahin said that before his becoming the rector he met with numerous scholars at the conferences and symposiums held in this University and offered his support every time. In the opening the students of Selçuk University Dilek Sabancı State Conservatoire performed folklore music. After the opening speeches the plaquettes were given to the symposium organizers and delegation. The professor of Azerbaijan Technical University, Shikar Gasimov was presented “Science and Art Contribution Award”.
Azerbaijani scientists-senior researcher of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Prof.Dr. Gafar Jabiyev (early medieval monuments of Girdiman province), chairman of MIRAS Social Organization, PhD Fariz Khalilli (People from Akhtachi), director of ANAS Institute of Architecture and Art, Prof.Dr. Ertegin Salamzade (The Image of Korkut in the Turkic Fine Arts), head teacher of Avrasiya University Chichek Huseynova (Literary details of contemporary Azerbaijani prose (Elchin’s "Karabakh Shikestesi" story and a short novel "Bayraktar" ), scientific fellow of ANAS Institute of Manuscripts, Tahira Aliyeva (Seven Seas in Piri Reis’ “Kitab-ı Bahriyye” work), head of department in Azerbaijan Technical University, Prof.Dr. Shikar Gasimov (Historical Monuments Integral Part of Our Cultural Heritage), Ass.Prof. of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, PhD of pedagogy Nazila Abdullazada (flower and nightingale poetic images in XX century Azerbaijani poet Aliagha Vahid lyrics), Doctorate fellow of Azerbaijan University of Culture and Arts, Gunel Seyidahmadli (Female sculptors of Azerbaijan), doctorate of ANAS Institute of Architecture and Art Gulshan Gasimzade (Azerbaijani historical palaces and carpets used in their art design), Ass.Prof. of ANAS Institute of Folklore, PhD of philology Sonmez Abbasli (myths, mythical legends and rumors in Garabagh folklore), senior researcher of ANAS Institute of Folklore, Sahiba Pashayeva (Sadnik Pasha Pirsultanli and Azerbaijani legends) made an interesting presentation at the symposium.
Within the symposium “Turkic arts” exhibition was functioned and posters demonstrated in exhibition hall of Izzet Koyunoğlu Museum. The photos taken during II Tarakama Charshanba Folklore Festival by Turkish, Georgian and Azerbaijani photographers, rugs woven in Gagali Village of Agsu region (women-Simuzar Khalilova, Antiga Hasanova) were shown there. The posters of scientific researchers of ANAS Institute of Philosophy and Law, Fuzuli Gurbanov and Yegana Rasulova (Historical memory in progression dynamic), doctorates of Azerbaijani University of Architecture and Construction, Ali Taşdemir and Ihsan Gokçen (Classification Ways of Dwellings in Protection of Cultural Heritage - in example of Aydin City and Traditionalism in Modern Religious Architecture in Istanbul), scientific researcher of ANAS Institute of Philosophy and Law Dr. Hoseyin Zulgadir (re-consideration of the role and activity of Television base on RIPH model) were shown at the exhibition.
On last day the participants visited Sille antique monument, Shrine of Jalaluddin Rumi and Museum of Memory, as well as Karatay madrasah. They watched Sufi whirling practiced by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order.

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