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Seminar of MIRAS in Shamakhi

On 19th May 2016 there was held “Museums and Archaeology” seminar within the range of events "Museum and cultural landscapes” in Shamakhi History and Local Lore Museum. The seminar aims at sharing large information on Azerbaijani archaeology, latest explorations, archaeological studies in Shamakhi and surrounding regions, involvement of archaeological artifacts to the museum, their demonstration, obligations of the museum staff and local settlers among the museum, students and pupils.
The staff of the museum, students of Shamakhi affiliate of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, children and teachers of Shamakhi city secondary school No. 9. took part at the seminar.
In the seminar chairman of MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage, member of Agsu archaeological expedition, PhD Fariz Khalilli had a speech on “Museums and archaeology”.
The seminar was opened by director of Shamakhi History and Local Lore Museum, Maleyka Kamilova. She congratulated the participants on occasion of international Museum Day. She stated Fariz Khalilli designed the exposition of Shamakhi History and Local Lore Museum snd is the author of the museum catalogue.
The participants familiarized with the exhibition in the museum yard and were given short information. It was followed with the seminar in the conference hall of the museum.
Fariz Khalilli said that this museum is distinctive both for exhibits and design among regional museums of Azerbaijan and the catalogue is published in two languages (Azerbaijani and English). President of Azerbaijan Republic, Mr. Ilham Aliyev familiarized with the museum exposition in 2009. In a year during opening of Shamakhi observatory after repair the museum exposition was reminded once again.
There was underscored that two expeditions function in Shamakhi (Shamakhi and Shamakhi-Agsu) and explorations conducted in Shamakhi city and Gulistan Fortress. He added that explorations carried out in 2010-2012 in Medieval Agsu Town are closely connected with 18th century Shamakhi history and the revealed finds make to think of Shamakhi topography (fortress wall, square, bath-complex, Juma Mosque, ice-house, water lines, streets, houses, art workshops, etc.).
Touching upon the issues like the earth’s belonging to the state, citizens’ feeling sensitive towards archaeological finds, dense collaboration with the museums, participating in the promotion work, he spoke about his coming to the archaeology science and novelties in this field. The participants’ questions were responded.
In the end Fariz Khalilli gave as presents proceedings books of conferences held in Verona and Konya cities, to the museum.

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