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“Start and İmprove your Cultural Heritage Business”

Within the framework of the PICASP project, a two-day training of “Start and İmprove your Cultural Heritage Business” was organized on 30-31 May, 2023, according to the Action Plan of MIRAS Public Association for the current year atKhazar University. The students from the 3rd and 4th grade of the Economic and Management Faculty participated at the training. The trainer Mr.FarizKhalilli carried out the training with the approval of the Master Trainer Mr.AzadRahimov. The training is based on the "Start and Improve Your Own Business Program" which includes the management principles developed by the International Labor Organization (ILO).This training aims to make students realize a real business idea for creating their own small enterprise.

The training helps to develop a detailed business plan and start the actual business, as well as allows participants to test required entrepreneurial skills and business plans in a simulated safe environment.

Another important aspect of the training is that it will serve as a base for the Practice Enterprises planned to be established under the PICASP project.

The students who participated in the training showed great interest and activity, the training reached its goal, and served to form the extensive knowledge and skills of the students in this field.

We should note that starting from 2021, “MIRAS” Public Association in Support of Studying Cultural Heritage is a partner of the PICASP project ("Pilot courses for industrial enterprises to implement university-enterprise cooperation in the development of the Caspian region") funded under the ERASMUS+ Program of the European Commission. The main goal of the project is to increase the competencies of the teachers in the small and medium business field, especially based on pilot courses combining theory and practice with the implementation of MOOCs (free open online courses) and Practice Enterprises. As well as to introduce new methodologies and teaching tools, to raise the level of personnel training in the field of cultural heritage protection, and most importantly, strengthening the potential in the field of higher education. For this purpose, during the current year, MIRAS Public Union will organize seminars, familiarization tours, trainings and expeditions with the participation of teachers and students of interested higher education institutions.


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